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Breathtaking Macro Photography Without a Camera


Scanner photographer, Marsha Tudor, challenges conventional views of photography and digital capture. Using an Epson V750 scanner, she creates images of such sculptural dimensionality that they belie the flat surface on which they are created. Defined by extreme limitations, scanner photography uses the dichotomy of a virtually flat depth of field yet remarkably high resolution to produce images with a very distinctive appearance. A moving light source and an extended exposure time, often supported by dramatically dark backgrounds combine to produce images characterized by enigma as though picked from an “other worldly” garden.


A second generation Southern Californian, Marsha lives with her family in Claremont where she is inspired by a very rich local plant palette. With a background in fine arts, earning a degree from California State University East Bay with a concentration in drawing in 1978, Marsha has, in the last few years, migrated to exclusively digital media. Even in earlier work, Marsha’s interests were for natural subject matter and a somewhat representational style. Aesthetic concerns have always been about beauty and enigma. A bit of mystery hovers as images often create an atmospheric quality receding back into dark shadows.


Marsha’s background also includes coursework in horticulture, botany, landscape architecture, photography, drafting, AutoCAD & computer graphics. Among her professional activities are: floral design, freelance landscape design & freelance illustration. Images, tutorial and additional information can be seen at Morning Earth Artists/Naturalists. The artist’s work was recently selected to appear on the set of Desperate Housewives.